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News & Insights

News & Insights



General Directive on Panicking Right Now (GDPR)

Like the aria of a grand European opera, the hype surrounding the imminent implementation of GDPR* has reached a fevered crescendo. Now that the GDPR deadline (May 25th) has passed, it’s worth taking a moment to cut through the fog of frenzied activity to take a realistic look at where

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DaaA: Data As An Afterthought

No matter how many articles are written about the critical importance of data to the functioning of a modern enterprise, it remains a fact that keeping critical data up-to-date is only a reality for a handful of well-heeled firms. The senior executives at these companies know that a small slip-up

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The Un-Database

NoSQL data stores have become more popular as a means of handling the petabytes of data created by user-generated content, GIS data, and the traffic logs of high-volume websites and apps. By storing data in “documents” with text encoded in formats like JSON, rather than in related “tables,” NoSQL repositories

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The Evolution of IEI

We started IEI in 2007 with a simple premise: To help the folks running online information services make sure their data were never out of date so their clients always had a great user experience. After almost eight years in business, we have achieved our goal and we thought we’d

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Time for Real-Time

We built Information Evolution to pursue the holy grail of database ownership: true real-time accuracy in a world where databases degrade at a rapid pace. A lofty goal, but today we do see cases where large-scale monitoring systems come within spitting distance of making this goal a reality. The methodology—harvesting-monitoring-updating—is

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Data Provenance

We manage a lot of data at IEI and, more often than not, I find that the key to cleaning up and improving the data we get lies in where the data came from in the first place – in other words, its “provenance.” Data “sources” roughly fall into these

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5 Reasons to Append Social IDs in Your Alumni Database. Now.

Capturing audience attention and driving real engagement are core functions of alumni development professionals worldwide. Traditional models including postal and phone campaigns compete with ever-increasing assaults on the eyeballs and wallets of consumers by B2C marketers as content marketing explodes across the three screens (TV, PC and mobile). The ability

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Keeping Them Updated in Virtual Real Time

On April 15th IEI’s Matt Manning spoke at the CASE District 4 Conference in Houston where he addressed an audience of alumni relations professionals. He discussed IEI’s recent experience updating an alumni database with the same tools IEI uses on B2B lists—web monitoring, Internet research, crowdsourcing, and telephone verification. The

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Opening Up Open Data

Most open data — data that’s free to use, reuse, and redistribute — is public information that governments publish as a key part of “transparency” initiatives. It can be a boon to information services already skilled in curating and adding value to public information, though these companies often struggle with

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Are You in the Data Business or the Information Business?

Those of us in the information business are usually too busy working with our customers and refining our business models and production processes to think about the basic question of “What is information?” but let’s stop for a moment to consider it. Information is not a self-contained “thing” but rather

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