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News & Insights

News & Insights



Report from Data Council 2024

The recent Data Council Conference in Austin hosted a dedicated audience focused on managing the technical demands of running massive data-driven services. Attendees came from behemoths like Airbnb, eBay, and Wayfair, as well as representatives from startups that support, accelerate, and anticipate the growth of these massive firms. In the

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Evolve or Die

The principle of continuous improvement is fundamental to the growth and success of all businesses, but none more so than online information services. Our services are essentially a suite of connected applications that work in unison to perform complex processes and as such they require constant auditing and diligence to

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WFH and 24/7/365 Work

It has been a couple of years since the global lockdown and since then the world of work has changed forever. Working from home (WFH) is no longer confined to just freelancers and is now a fact of life for 13% of full-time employees and another 28% who now work under

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The distribution of work around the globe, what is generally called ‘outsourcing’, has been a fact of life in the information business for a long time. More recently though, information companies have taken an interest in applying the employment rules, climate change targets, and other sustainability goals that are in

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Fair is Fair

The flood of robocalls and telephone-based scams over the past decade has led to an international backlash against unsolicited telephone communications. This global reaction has come in the form of a slew of new guidelines and regulations. Information services that rely on primary source verification of their databases have been

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Ground Truth

During this pandemic, the value of accurate data has never been more obvious. Without reliable information derived from the mountains of data being generated by fast-moving events the actions necessary to slow the outbreak are impossible to make. From the data-gathering process to the intelligent analysis of that data by

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’Til Forbid

The business model for selling subscriptions online has been based, from the beginning, on the idea of an automatic renewal of a subscription as a core part of the subscription agreement. This is what was called the “til forbid” model in the business-to-business circulation management world of the 1980s, and

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Starting a new information service is hard. Customer expectations are sky high and they’ll pay top dollar only if the information is unique and timely and the software tools bundled with the information are top notch. That means a lot of upfront expense and a significant gamble on the part

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Embedded Rules

IEI works with some of the world’s most successful company and executive information services. Our in-house research teams work on our customers’ projects via custom applications and we embed as many rules as we can into this software in order to prevent errors. Some examples of the ways we embed

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The “Pre-mortem”

Every project manager has conducted a “post-mortem” after their big product has launched or their information service redesign has rolled out to their customers. Nits are picked, fingers may be pointed and, on occasion, heads can roll. In these days of pervasive predictive analytics, though, can we realistically prevent major

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